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Free Pass

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Issuing Free Pass


In order to obtain specialized information and submit the documentation, the applicant will address to workstations no.15.

Required documents

  • Request to specify in detail: - the motivation of the request; - the duration of requests (annually, monthly, daily); - the maximum authorized mass of the vehicle, - the routes for which the pass is required; - the type of goods or materials transported; - the program (day / night) that they request
  • Copy of the Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • Copy of Company Registration Certificate
  • Neuromotor Disability Evidence Documents (if applicable)
  • Documentary evidence of domicile (in the case of riverans) and the possibility of parking the vehicle (copy of the identity card, extract of Land Registry)
  • Other documents in special cases to certify situations, needs of applicants
  • Demand type FP - daily