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Cancel Vehicle Registration

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In order to obtain specialized information and submit the documentation, the applicant will address to workstations no.15..

1. Applicant's application – standard form

2. The identity document of the applicant as follows:

  1. Individuals: Bulletin / ID: original and copy
    Authorized physical persons: identity card / ID card: in original and in copy
    Legal entities: Delegation from the company and the original and copy of the delegate identity document

3. For individuals: authenticated attorney to the notary if another person is present instead of the owner. In this situation, the empowered person will have to have an ID card: original and copy.

4. Ownership of the vehicle: original and copy

5. Registration certificate: the original is deposited to the local administration

6.  Vehicle identity card - original and copy

7. Plates bearing the registration number: are deposited tothe local administration

8. Documents attesting that one of the situations requiring the deletion occurred: sale, REMAT certificate, etc. .